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The Zig Zag *

A slower, longer slide with sharp, tight twists and turns that’ll throw you about every which way and have you screaming the whole way down!

The Corkscrew *

A fast paced Corkscrew style tube slide that’ll leave you dizzy with excitement! Start your way down then hold on for your life as you get faster as the turns get tighter!


Lap pools, kid's pools, and toddler splash pads set among the shady Perth hills

Olympic Pool

An 8 lane, 50 metre pool catering for lap swimmers and fun seekers alike. Plenty of water space containing our inflatable toys, lap lanes and some free pay areas. Water depth ranging from 3 metres to 1 metre.


Children's Pools

2 pools, one approximately 80 cms deep and the other 40 cms deep. Help improve your child’s confidence in the water in these calmer, smaller pools, away from the hustle and bustle of the Olympic sized pool.


Toddler Splash Pad

Situated in the Kiddies Play Area, the splash pad is designed for toddlers and young children. Bring your child down and hop in with them to share in the fun and create memories that you and your child will never forget.
Please Note: In line with Watch Around Water requirements, all children under the age of 5 must be accompanied in the water, within arms-reach, by a responsible adult.

* Please note that Children need to be at least 5 years old to use the slides
* Tandem sliding is not permitted